Sinn Fein Socialist Youth

The future of Ireland

Failte a Sinn Fein Socialisti Oligas. Sinn Fein Socialist Youth is a 32 county movement whose struggle is to create an Ireland of equals and PROSPERITY not AUSTERITY. We are the torchbearers of Ireland's Patriot Dead. The Sinn Fein Socialist Youth contends with the British occupation to build a free Ireland and establish a true independent 32-county Republic within the European Union.


  1. Sinn Fein Socialist Youth DEMANDS that... the illegal British occupation in the north cease immediately and all its supporters and colonists leave Erin's soil, so we may have an Ireland where every citizen is treated as an equal.
  2. Sinn Fein Socialist Youth DEMANDS that... every road sign on the Island of Ireland be written only in Irish, with English roadsigns wholly wiped from sight. Sinn Feinn Socialist Youth have pointed out that English is the language of the British, Ireland's ever bothersome enemy and all traces of this useless language MUST be removed immediately. English is a reminder of Old Erin's colonial past.
  3. Sinn Fein Socialist Youth DEMANDS that... newborns be given the right to vote, as why should their future be decided by the elderly and experienced?
  4. Sinn Fein Socialist Youth DEMANDS that... the Sinn Fein Socialist Youth be given a memorial statue in each town (paid for by heavy taxes on the wealthy) to commemorate the Sinn Fein Socialist Youth's many struggles for class equality.
  5. Sinn Fein Socialist Youth DEMANDS that... the internationally unrecognised border in Ireland cease to be recognised, except when our activists are buying petrol or fleeing from prosecution under the illegal occupiers' law.
  6. Sinn Fein Socialist Youth DEMANDS that... free education for ALL the people be provided, then eventually someone will figure out how all this will be paid for.
  7. Sinn Fein Socialist Youth DEMANDS that... not only all post boxes shall be painted green, but all phone boxes and post vans as well.
  8. Sinn Fein Socialist Youth DEMANDS that... imperialism cease in every land and to end imperialism forever a worldwide Socialist Worker's Republic be established by force (if necessary.)
  9. Sinn Fein Socialist Youth DEMANDS that... full recognition in all areas of life be given to L, G, B, T, Q, Genderqueer, Trans-species, Furries, Otherkin, and even as yet undiscovered gender identities as they have been ever oppressed by hetero people and were indisposable in building the People's Irish Republic.
  10. Sinn Fein Socialist Youth DEMANDS that... not only shall the pay gap be eliminated, but all men must be compelled to do whatever a woman asks at any given time. Furthermore, in the interest of an Ireland of Equals, the Sinn Fein Socialist Youth DEMANDS that every position of authority be given to a woman to fairly compensate for oppressive men who have only ever worked for themselves.
  11. Sinn Fein Socialist Youth DEMANDS that... on each year on the 5th of May an obligatory hunger strike be held by each citizen, that they may personally understand the Political Prisoner's struggle for Ireland.
  12. Sinn Fein Socialist Youth DEMANDS that... full political recognition be given to Harambe, who was murdered by State Agents of the British Government. Sinn Fein Socialist Youth DEMANDS a release of all state documents to expose this obvious case of collusion between the British Government and the Belfast Zoo.
  13. Sinn Fein Socialist Youth DEMANDS that... prenatal and postnatal abortions be offered to both male, female and transadoption parents of all children. This will achieve full reporductive equality rights for all.
  14. Sinn Fein Socialist Youth DEMANDS that... it be made a hate speech crime to refer to that glistening envy of the world, Derry, as anything other than Doire.
  15. Sinn Fein Socialist Youth DEMANDS that... the PSNI be disbanded, owing to its violent treatment of African-Irishmen and Ireland's Patriot Dead. The PIRA shall assume all future policing in an impartial way for all the people of Ireland.
  16. Sinn Fein Socialist Youth DEMANDS that... Mural Painting be made a part of the GCSE Art Syllabus, so each Gael may express his true feelings about the British upon Derry's gable Walls.


The 36th Annual S. F. S. Y. Convention

The Sinn Fein Socialist Youth have successfully held their 36th Annual Convention. The entire convention was held in memory of Ireland's Patriot Dead and was thus entirely spent in silence while staring forlornly at images of the Martyrs for Our Cause.

Brexit Condemned

The Sinn Fein Socialist Youth LAMBAST the British for leaving the European Union. This however should be no surprise as the British are ever opposed to peace and unity in Ireland it shoud follow that they are against these noble ends in Europe. The European Union has been invaluable in funding Socialist Youth Movements all over Ireland and Europe, it can thus be believed that the British are afraid of Sinn Fein Socialist Youth's growing strength.

Finance Minister's visit to the European Parliament

The Sinn Fein (translation: Ourselves Alone) Finance Minister visited the European Parliament to highlight the dire need for European money to be poured into the north. Sinn Fein Socialist Youth stand in solidarity with those who campaign for the much needed investment in such productive sectors as West Belfast DLA. Further, we DEMAND that more European Union PEACE III money be given to build multi million Euro reconciliation centres, wherein the story of Ireland's struggle can be told and the youth of tomorrow re-educated. This re-education must be carried out with historical artificats from the peaceful struggle, such as Bobby Sands' Armalite and Gadaffi Memorial Semtex.

New Legitimate Target: The Foetus

We, the Sinn Fein Socialist Youth, have declared the unborn child to be a legitimate target. Thus all Sinn Fein operatives may destroy the unborn at every opportunity they can find. Sinn Fein has a mandate and it is the PIRA's right to choose. This new target is justified as unborn children have overheard Irish Republican Army conversations whilst in the womb, thus they are classed as informers, hence the new Sinn Fein Socialist Youth stance.

Cross-Community initiative welcomed

A new cross-community sectarian program has the full backing of Sinn Fein Socialist Youth. KAT/KAH, or, Kill all Taigs/Kill all Hun brings together the sectarian traditions of both backgrounds in the north. Through each side partaking in the spray painting of the other's slogans in sensitive areas Sinn Fein Socialist Youth hopes that reconciliation towards a Socialist Republic of Ireland can be accomplished.

RHI Scandal Condemned

Sinn Fein Socialist Youth deplore the secretive behaviour of the Stormont Executive. After a closed consultation with the Volunteer Council, Sinn Fein Socialist Youth call for complete transparency in all future government business.

S.F.S.Y. Speak to European Parliament

After Sinn Fein's deserved victory in the recent Occupier's General Election, Sinn Fein Socialist Youth sent out a message of commendation to the senior party incumbents. Sinn Fein Socialist Youth exhort the continuing stance of the party in refusing to recognise any claimed rule over Ireland except for that instated by the Irish. This message of support from Sinn Fein Socialist Youth was delivered to rupterous applause from our Sinn Fein MEPs in the European Parliament.